Vanburgh Hotel, Guangzhou, China - Health & Entertainment

Lido Hotel, Guangzhou, China

Foot Care
  It has 25 over-and-under type of massage armchair. It provides Chinese Massage, Chinese Medical Foot Care, Cupping and Essential Therapy services.

Fitness Center
  It has advanced Computerised Running Machine, full functional Elliptical Trainer, Computerised Standing Stationary Cycling, Computerised Fast Back Stationary Cycling, Two-way Chest Trainer, Sitting Shoulder Trainer, High-tensilestrength Back Trainer, Sitting Leg Stretch Trainer, Adjustable Sitting Abs Trainer, Adjustable dumbbell Sitter and Double-deck

Indoor Swimming Pool
  24 hours Circulate water purification and soft music surrounded makes you swim comfortably in any season, keeping the perfect shape easily.

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